We'd love to hear about your ideas for the EMW Gallery
Your name?

Who are you representing?

Please summarize your gallery show ideas without using big words.

Why are your ideas important to the EMW community? (give us some concrete example)

Did you read our mission statement on emwbookstore.com yet?
What might installation look like?

Number of pieces; media; budget and etc.
Profolio or Personal Website?

Desirable dates for an exhibit?

List out the months in which you are available
Desirable dates for an art show?

The opening nights of gallery shows are always on the first Friday of the month.
You do understand that the EMW Gallery is not liable for any damage or loss of the art work during the exhibition?

We will do our best to preserve the work, of course. But due to the conditions of our organization, we cannot afford any legal liability at the moment.
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